The Good Scents Company started in 1980 as a fragrance concern located in the basement of my home. It quickly became clear that digging through file cabinets of paperwork and boxes of index cards was a barrier to acting on creative inspiration. I needed an system for rapid retrieval of information.

Unfortunately there were no electronic databases or filing systems available for a creative perfumer. Not deterred I taught myself the dBase programming language and designed a database. I entered all the paperwork and index cards and quickly found that this database was very helpful in retaining my creative inspiration while finding the information required.

In 1994 I discovered the "internet" and thought others in the industry would benefit from this database. I programmed some web data sheet modules and put this information on the web.

Today The Good Scents Company is divided into three areas. The first is The Good Scents Company's "Home page" which is dedicated to providing information for the Flavor, Food and Fragrance Industry. The second is The Good Scents Company's "Sales Site" which is used for sales. The third is the website which is dedicated to providing information for the Flavor, Food and Fragrance Industry and hopefully in time will take over the responsibility of The Good Scents Company's "home page".

I spend much of my time working on the database, addition of new information, corrections, changes, etc..

Hopefully the information provided will help others in their creative endeavors.

Sponsorship to this website will help provide funding to continue the database work.

I sincerely thank each and every Sponsor for their support.

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