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Safety Information

Safety is a very important issue and safety information is growing rapidly. We will not sell any product without the proper information including Material Safety Data Sheets. Just a note, personally, if someone is pregnant, we would not use any Fragrance, Essential Oil or Aromatherapy items. It makes no difference if products come from mother nature (The greatest Perfumer of us all) or if they are synthetically produced, you're dealing with chemicals.
In other words, what are Fragrances, Perfumes, ALL Aromatherapy, Flavors, Concretes, Absolutes, Extracts, Essences and Essential Oils made of? The answer is CHEMICALS.
Fragrances, Essential Oils, Absolutes, Concretes and Perfumes will destroy many surfaces that they come in contact with such as furniture and many plastics, so take care. Also, above all, Do not consider anything as safe, KEEP AWAY FROM EXTREME HEAT AND OPEN FLAMES, KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND ALL PETS! Use care when handling fragrances as they are very strong and concentrated. Fragrances should be diluted with AT LEAST 75% diluents to 25% fragrance, before any would be used on the skin.
Please be kind to the people around you when you use perfumes. Many perfumes can be irritating and toxic to people with allergies. Excess or strong perfume would not be healthy for anyone. I do not even smell perfumes at these concentrations in my daily work!
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