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Never Give Up!. The Good Scents Company was founded in late 1980 in an exclusive role to create, manufacture and distribute world class fragrances. Early in 1980 a friend suggested that we put together a perfume to sell. I thought it was a superb idea. It didn't look difficult, I was doing research in plastic polymers at the time and thought what more knowledge would a person need? After months of work and hours upon hours of endless experimentation we came up with two perfumes. Soon after a brief rest from such a quest we decided that the first perfume would make a wonderful paint remover and the second would do just well for an insect repellent. Well as you can see there was much more to creating a fragrance then we could even imagine. Fifteen years later we use about 5000 raw materials and endless combinations thereof to create beauty and functionality for whatever the fragrance end use is, from high class perfumes to industrial odor masks, covering the entire spectrum of fragrance. In these pages you will soon (As soon as I can get the info together) find searchable databases on perfumes, fragrances, aromatherapy, essential oils and flavors whether it's for personal or commercial use. Here you will find the most extensive information base on the world of perfumery so hit that bookmarks or favorites button!

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